Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA)


Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA)was founded in 1979. It is a national-level academic and non-governmental organization. CSA has 42 technical committees, 179 institutional members and more than 30,000 individual members. The aim of CSA is to promote the development, innovation and popularization of aerospace science and technology. Since its foundation, CSA has actively carried out academic and non-governmental exchanges at home and abroad. It has already established bilateral and multilateral relationships with relevant international space organizations and NGOs from many countries and regions. CSA plays an active role in the development of space science and technology and promoting the activities in the peaceful use of outer space for benefits of mankind.

CSA’s main activities include organizing national and international academic exchange events such as the 47th IAC, the 64th IAC, the 2010 GLUC, the 2017 GLEX, and the China Space Conference; conducting space policy researches and consultations for the government department, publishing Journal of Astronautics, Advances in Astronautics Science and Technology, and Space Exploration, and carrying out space science popularization events.